Chocolate Sunday – Toothpaste?

Um, yes. Chocolate toothpaste. My son brought me a tube of Crest’s new Mint Chocolate Trek toothpaste when he returned recently from a trip to the U.S. It’s not available in Canada, as far as I know.

chocolate mint toothpasteI was skeptical. Toothpaste isn’t a product I would go to, or maybe even want to go to, for a hit of chocolate.

But I liked it better than I expected. It tasted chocolatey, and the mint flavour is fresh.

Mint Chocolate Trek is part of a new Crest line of toothpastes called “Be.” More info here on The other flavours are Lime Spearmint Zest (Be Dynamic) and Vanilla Mint Spark (Be Inspired), while the chocolate version is called “Be Adventurous.”

Hmm. Will it make me feel more adventurous every time I brush my teeth? Am I adventurous because I tried it in the first place? Someone had fun coming up with this campaign. I had fun just reading the box.

But it’s a serious (i.e. flouride-containing) toothpaste. It’s also part of an effort by parent company Procter & Gamble to “spur growth in developed markets” in a year that has seen net revenue fall, according to this article in Canadian Business.

If you’re a chocolate lover, it’s a novel way to… explore outside your boundaries, to use the phrasing on the package.

If you try it, enjoy! And, chocolate or not, remember to brush 🙂





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