Writing groups, and finding time to write

I read an interesting blog post this morning from the New Hampshire Writers’ Network (“Live to Write – Write to Live”), about the benefits and logistics of a writing critique group.

Someone suggested to me last year that I find such a group, where writers share and critique each others’ work. It sounded like a great idea, but I still haven’t felt a need to search one out.

So I was curious about the subject of the post, but what I found even more interesting was the addendum about the blogger, Diane MacKinnon – “a writer, blogger, life coach, mother, stepmother, and doctor.”  Almost as an aside, she adds that she writes in “small pockets of time” that are beginning to add up.

I know that small chunks of time and effort add up, but it’s nice to have it validated.

Last month, I started freelancing, and recently I added a new project into the mix. There’s also my blog, my book, and the non-writing parts of my life. I *rely* on small pockets of time.

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