Rainbow Cake

My friend Brenda and I decided to write complementary blog posts about a lovely, intimate, low-key Friday night dinner to celebrate her niece’s recent wedding.

Brenda posted weeks ago, and I’m finally catching up. She wrote about the special evening hosted (and home-catered!) by her brother Jeff and his partner Gayle, but I wanted to focus on dessert – the pièce de résistance – a stunning homemade rainbow cake.


A slice of rainbow cake [Maddy Kadish photo]

Gayle followed an online recipe that she said was fun to make. Six round layers, each a different colour of the rainbow, were separated by the same cream cheese icing used to frost the entire creation. She dusted the top of the cake with round rainbow-coloured sprinkles, a hint at the the multi-hued creation concealed by the white icing.

The cake was a surprise for the newlyweds, and we all oohed and aahed to see the inside. This is definitely a special-occasion dessert.

Somewhere in my files, I have a recipe for a rainbow cake, which I’ve been saving for years. It has only three layers; the icing in between provides three further colours. But now that I’ve seen and sampled the wedding cake, I think I’ll retire my old recipe before I even use it.

Brenda’s blog is here.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Cake

  1. This rainbow cake looks amazing. I wouldn’t retire your old recipe so quickly. Any chance I could get a copy? I never thought to use the icing to create different colours and I’d like to give it a try…


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