Joining a writers’ group

I’ve been spinning my wheels lately when it comes to working on my book, but yesterday I took a leap that will make it harder to do that.

I joined a group on LinkedIn called “I Am A Writing Machine.” I don’t think of myself as a machine at all, but I like the idea of the group as “social support,” which is part of its description.

The accountability aspect also appeals to me. As a member, I’m committed to writing 500 words a week toward my project. It’s a modest goal, and hopefully a springboard to writing more than the minimum. I have to submit a word count every week, and if I don’t, I can’t stay in the group.

It’s been too easy for me to put off work on the book when other items on my list are more time-sensitive, like the blog entries I post four mornings a week, and calls or appointments during business hours.

It helps me focus when I know I have a deadline. Recent work on the book has consisted mostly of fine-tuning what I’ve already written, and also developing a timeline. That hasn’t added much to the word count.

Yesterday, I spent about 45 minutes editing and expanding on what I’ve written.  I thought I might end up with fewer words than I started with, but I ended up with 248 more. Only 252 more to go… until next week.