Work, identity, and business cards

I followed up on the thought I included at the end of my last post, and asked my son – who has some experience in graphic design – if he might be able to design a business card for me.

He came up with four ideas, and I knew instantly which one I liked, as well as what tweaks I wanted.

I’m more excited than I expected at the thought of having my own “freelance journalist” business card, and it’s got me thinking about the whole issue of identity being tied up in work.

I never felt like I lost my sense of self after I was downsized last June, but after 22 years at The Canadian Jewish News, the paper and my job as a reporter had become a big part of who I was. Every so often, I get a little reminder. Today, for instance, I left a voice message for the first time as a CJN freelancer.  I was on the verge of leaving my phone number when I hesitated, realizing that I was about to give the CJN office number, not the number that I was calling from.

Starting this blog last July was helpful to me. It’s been my pseudo-work, and one answer to the question of what I’m doing now.

But seeing the design for my nice new business card makes my new reality more “real” to me. And it’ll be nice to have a business card to hand out again.