Word nerds

I only came across the term “word nerd” for the first time last week, but it resonated with me immediately, and I thought that, for sure, I qualify.

After looking at a couple of online word nerd quizzes, like this one on grammarly.com, I’m glad I don’t meet all imaginable criteria. I don’t correct pop song lyrics in my head, and I don’t fly into a rage when I see a sign that says “ten items or less.” That said, I do know the difference between “less” and “fewer.”

I didn’t do so well on the Writer’s Digest multiple-choice quiz, either. But I loved its link to this picture.

January 9 was National Word Nerd Day. This article about it pegs me as an “editor.” It says that I’m not just picky – I’m right! I’ll have to remember that line.

I can’t say I’m always right, though. A friend of mine found a mistake I overlooked when I wrote Tuesday’s blog post. Maybe she’s an “editor” too.

As for me, I know it’s picky, but I won’t call someone “a trooper” if I mean “a trouper,” and don’t get me started on the difference between alumnus, alumna, alumni and alumnae.

The thing is, I’m not just picky – I’m right! (Thank you, Mediabistro.)