Chocolate Sunday – Chocolate Pudding?

I’ve been thinking about chocolate pudding this week, but I hadn’t gotten around to making it when I was laid low a few days ago by what is probably a virus. Groan! Starting to feel better, so I thought I’d post anyway.

Chocolate pudding is comfort food because it’s soft, smooth, flavourful (chocolatey!) and easy to get down… although, personally, I was more in chicken soup mode this week.

That said, I was kind of tempted when I searched online for “best chocolate pudding recipe,” and Google offered two more options: “best chocolate pudding recipe ever,” and “best chocolate pudding recipe in the world.” Seriously. How could I go wrong?

So here are some links:

1. Smitten Kitchen’s Best Chocolate Pudding

I like it because it has milk, not higher-fat cream, and also because it calls for chocolate, not cocoa, promising rich flavour and a bit of decadence. I would probably use almond milk, because I’m lactose-intolerant. Almond Breeze, the brand in my fridge, has 3.5 grams of fat per cup, just under half the amount in whole milk. I expect the recipe would still work, just be less rich. Maybe it would still even be the “best.”

2. “The Best Chocolate Pudding You’ll Ever Taste,” from Oh She Glows, a vegan recipe blog.

The unusual ingredient list captured my interest. I’ve never used coconut oil, but I’ve been wanting to try it because of all the hype about its health benefits. Almond butter and avocado also provide healthy fats. Agave nectar sweetens the pudding, which uses cocoa instead of chocolate. I don’t expect it would taste like the chocolate pudding any of us grew up with – but maybe it would. I think it’s  worth trying. Maybe, if I eat it, I’ll glow too.

3. And here’s the one I wouldn’t make – unless I wanted to pull out all the stops, or cook to impress: the’s “Perfect Chocolate Pudding from Scratch.”  The recipe calls for not only heavy cream, but egg yolks too. calls homemade chocolate pudding “love in a bowl,” and adds a reminder that chocolate pudding is gluten-free.

I’d love to hear how your chocolate pudding turns out, if you’re also tempted.