Chocolate Sunday – A couple of links

It’s been a busy week – just posting a couple of links with chocolate news from Israel, where Chocolate Week begins today!


Chocolate Sunday – The Great Chocolate Beet experiment!

A few days ago, I found this article about beets in the online Jewish magazine Tablet, and thought, “Seriously?”


My chocolate beet rugelach aren’t pink!

The article, by food blogger Amy Kritzer, is accompanied by a recipe for chocolate beet rugelach (recipe link is on left side of the Tablet magazine article) and a picture showing the brightly hued dough. Seriously? Um, yes.

But my skepticism about fuchsia-coloured rugelach changed to enthusiasm after I checked out Kritzer’s Jewish food blog. I admired her beautiful pictures and creative recipes, not to mention her culinary school training.

I also realized I had all the ingredients for her rugelach at home. Well, not cream cheese exactly, but the Tofutti version, which I was planning to use in a recipe before it expires next year. Sigh.

And I had just bought some golden beets. No reason not to use them instead of the red ones.

I hadn’t made rugelach in years, especially with cream cheese dough. I don’t bake as often as I used to, and I’ve become lactose-intolerant. But this recipe would be a treat for Chanukah, which begins in 10 days.

I made the rugelach last night, using the best chocolate I had in the house – Lindt 70% cacao. I used only part of the dough – I’ll bake the rest today – but I made the filling with less than two cups of chocolate, and I think it may be enough.

Buttery dough, oozing chocolate, straight out of the oven. Decadent. Even better today, I think, with little chunks of chocolate studding the pastry. My son says you can’t taste the beets. And the rogelach aren’t pink!