Blueberry sorbet

Blueberries are a staple in my house, but this week we had more than we needed. Sometimes that happens when one person (okay, me) forgets that she already bought a large box earlier in the week and buys two more small boxes, and another family member also picks up some groceries and includes blueberries because they’re nutritious, they taste good, and we’re always running out.Image

Given the oppressive heat and humidity, I decided to use the blueberries to make sorbet.

A few years ago, we cashed in a gift certificate for our first ice cream maker. It seemed to be a dud purchase for a long time – one of those appliances you buy but don’t end up using. However, things changed when our air conditioning stopped working one day.

Since then, we’ve used the ice cream maker to prepare various sorbets. Yesterday, I tried a recipe from, a food blog I hadn’t seen before, and which I’d like to spend some time exploring. It’s not complicated, and the sorbet was creamy and fresh-tasting. I used five cups of berries, and still had enough left over for breakfast.

The recipe is at