Websites of interest

Last week, I finally figured out how to add a link on my blog so that it opens in a new window. It’s not difficult, once you know how.

Now that I’ve (more or less) mastered that, I thought it would be fun to practise by including some links that I’ve found interesting.

Not long after I reported in the mid-1990s about the new “information superhighway,” I discovered the website of The Jerusalem Post.  I liked it for its news, but also – thanks to the time difference – because I could read tomorrow’s news today – for real!

The New York Times wedding section has also held my interest for a long time. I admit to being drawn by the feel-good stories about the featured couples, but I’m also interested in the implicit social commentary – the number of ceremonies officiated by friends instead of clergy, the rise in same-sex ceremonies, and the mix of innovation and tradition.

When it looked like The Canadian Jewish News was going to shut down, I couldn’t help thinking of the classic final episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I watched the first half and the second half on youtube when I got home the day the announcement was made. I still can’t watch it without Kleenex. Like the fictional characters at the WJM-TV newsroom, I was fortunate to work for years with a wonderful and sometimes quirky group of co-workers who became a second family.

Although these days, I am more likely to access websites via Twitter, Google or Facebook, I go straight to whenever I’m skeptical about the truth of an email or email attachment. Very useful site!

Now that I’m reaching the end of this blog post, I realize that it wasn’t just practice for me. I previewed the post, and tested the links to make sure they worked. Groan! About half of them didn’t. It turns out that writing this entry has been a learning experience too.