I’m not retired!

Two people asked me this past week how I’m enjoying retirement.

I wasn’t sure how to respond, other than to set the record straight, and add a few words about what I’m doing (blogging, and figuring out what’s next).

It would help if I knew what the question meant. Was it a comment on my (middle-)age? An attempt at humour? A euphemistic way to avoid saying that I was downsized (after 22 years as a reporter for The Canadian Jewish News)?

I suppose I’m old enough to retire, but it was never on my radar screen. I loved my job, and secretly hoped to stay there until my early 90s, circumstances permitting.

And yet, I find myself excited sometimes at the thought of doing something different. I attended a panel for freelance writers last week, and came home hyped about the possibility of taking on some freelance assignments.

I was also motivated to polish, tweak and fine-tune the work I’ve done on my book-in-progress after I attended sessions run by the Humber School for Writers at Word on the Street, an annual literary festival in Toronto.

I plan to attend a job fair later this month, and I’ll be taking a social media workshop too. I’m not retired… I’m in transition.