Where do ideas come from?

Since I began this blog in July, I’ve written more than 50 entries. So far, I haven’t been at a loss for ideas.

When I worked as a reporter at The Canadian Jewish News, people often asked where my stories originated.

Sometimes, they were assigned by an editor.

Also, people often called or e-mailed to let us know about a newsworthy issue or event in the community.

Other times, story ideas seemed to grow organically from a conversation or experience. A couple of years ago, I wrote an article titled “Math teaches kids more than just numeracy” for our annual education supplement. I had no clue that people were passionate about math education in elementary school until the subject came up repeatedly in conversation with a group at my synagogue.

In 2003, when I bought an Ulu knife in Alaska, and thought about using it to make gefilte fish, a food article started taking shape in my head before I even returned home.

I love when ideas evolve naturally into stories. I guess – as a reporter, and now as a blogger – my antennae have always been up. The realization that I’ve happened on a great idea to write about still gives me a bit of a rush.