A busy week

This week, I took on a freelance assignment – a big step forward after being downsized last summer – and I’ve been working more consistently on my book. I also had coffee with a former colleague, two lunches with friends, and a family dinner out. There are a couple of appointments on my calendar as well, and I’m  fitting in three small projects that are, more or less, writing-related too.

Coincidentally, I came across an article yesterday – which I can’t locate now, groan! – that talks about getting more done by giving yourself less time.

I guess it’s another way to encourage people to focus, or to take advantage of the 80/20 rule (which I blogged about here last August). If 80 percent of the work gets done in 20 percent of the time… then just give yourself 20 percent of the time to start with.

When my kids were small, sometimes we’d have a “five-minute cleanup” after dinner. With three or four of us cleaning up, that was equivalent to 15 or 20 minutes of focused work. It always amazed me how much we could get done.