Chocolate Sunday in Toronto, Part 2

I returned home from Toronto’s third annual Luxury Chocolate Show, the culmination of the city’s eighth chocolate festival, with a couple of little treasures and a lot of literature.

Among the “treasures” were three hand crafted artisan chocolate bonbons from Succulent Chocolates – with fennel seed, pistachio cinnamon, and vanilla bean fillings – and pumpkin chai truffles (pumpkin and chai tea ganache in hand-painted milk chocolate) by Toronto chocolatier Laura Slack. Decadent.

And delicious! I know because I sampled two of the four flavours at the show. But I’m saving the ones I brought home for another day – I think I hit my saturation point this afternoon.

It was fun to sample chocolate paired with wine, to see whimsical creations like the chocolate shoes chocolate shoesat left from Montreal-based chocoStyle, and to discover fancy chocolates like the ones pictured at right from the Newfoundland Chocolate Company. newfoundland chocs

I spent several hours at the show with two friends, and we had a great time. But we missed out on hand or neck massages with cocoa products, and also on most of the demonstrations.

We’ll have to go back next year.