Kale chips

This week, by coincidence, my friend Brenda and I both made kale chips for the first time. She blogged about them here on Tuesday.

kaleWe even used the same recipe, although I added crushed fresh garlic à la this Whole Foods Market recipe.

Usually, I sauté kale with garlic, olive oil, and sea salt. It was a nice change to have the popular superfood as a crunchy snack instead of a side dish.

Judging from the variety of kale chip recipes I found online, there’s a lot of flexibility when baking the chips. The recipes call for different oven temperatures, ranging from 275 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Whatever you do, keep an eye on the chips. You want them to be crispy, not burnt.

And make sure the kale pieces are thoroughly dry before you bake them. I used (a lot of) paper towel; Brenda opted for a salad spinner. I think her way is probably better.