My first job fair

I attended my first job fair on Friday – a JVS/Emet Employment event, held at the Joseph & Wolf Lebovic Jewish Community Campus.

I didn’t find a job there, and didn’t even end up giving my resume to any of the employers. But there were other reasons I’m glad I went.

1. It was a good impetus to polish my resume.

2. Two recruiters suggested I look at their respective company websites for communications jobs. I knew in advance that Starbucks was looking for baristas and other employees for their outlets, which didn’t interest me as a downsized community newspaper reporter. As it turned out, Scotiabank was also looking for branch employees only. But it was good to talk face-to-face with their recruiters. It was good to reinforce what I’m interested in and what I’m not, and to leave knowing I haven’t hit a brick wall.

3. I spoke to an employment counsellor from JVS Toronto, even though I’m not sure I need or want career counselling at this point. However, once I told her my background, she gave the name of one of her colleagues, and seemed to think that this woman in particular would be able to help me. I intend to follow up.

4. Because there were no actual jobs for me at the job fair, it was a bit of “practice” for me, an opportunity to gain confidence talking to employers about my background and what I’m looking for.

5. A couple of my friends also attended the event. It was nice to see them, and we were (are) able to provide context and support for each other.

Another milestone in the post-downsizing journey.