Chocolate Sunday – Muffintashen!

When I blogged on Tuesday about baking Alice Medrich’s chocolate hamantashen, I had only used about half my dough and less than half of the chocolate filling.

hamantashen x2 close-up

“Muffintashen” and hamantashen – same ingredients, different dessert. Mmmm!

Two days later, the filling was still begging to be used, but the dough, if anything, was even harder to work with. I gave up after making seven little hamantashen. But it would have been a shame to let the chocolate filling go to waste.

Light bulb moment – I realized there was no need to roll the dough if I used it to sandwich the decadent filling in mini-muffin tins.

So easy! And I think the end result was even better than the hamantashen, partly because the filling-to-dough ratio was higher. Sometimes it’s all about the chocolate.

We sampled some hamantashen Friday night for dessert, and also the confection made from the same ingredients. My son dubbed them “muffintashen.” In terms of symbolism and a holiday food, they don’t replace hamantashen, but I was pleased that I could use up the ingredients, and enjoy a decadent bite-sized treat.

Chocolate “Muffintashen”

1 recipe for chocolate hamantashen filling

1 hamantashen cookie-dough recipe

1. Oil mini-muffin tins.

2. Put dough in muffin tins to cover bottoms, and press down.

3. Spoon generous amount of filling, and press down.

4. Sprinkle crumbled dough on top of filling, and press down.

5. Bake at 350 about 10-12 minutes, until done.

Enjoy, and Happy Purim!