Chocolate Sunday – Mother’s Day treats!

I wasn’t going to post anything new specifically for Mother’s Day, even though I searched through my recipes to find a special chocolate dessert. Instead, I ended up using my tried and true (and easy!) recipe for flourless chocolate cake.

ecuadorean chocolateThe other night, I tried some Ecuadorean chocolate that we received as a gift. Milk chocolate with passion fruit was a special treat, because I’d never tried it before.

Another treat – a little Mother’s Day present – some organic dark chocolate. I’ll try it later.

It’s definitely a Chocolate Sunday.

Chocolate Sunday – Flourless Chocolate Cake!

I had an urge to make flourless chocolate cake this week, after having it for dessert at a dinner on Monday.

It’s much easier than you would expect for such a decadent recipe. The secret, I’ve been told, is to use good chocolate.

flourless chocolate cakeI found two recipes online that were virtually identical, except for the amounts of sugar. One is at epicurious, and a less sweet version can be found on a website called /. I compromised, using ½ cup  of sugar– a little more than the third of a cup called for in the second recipe, and less than the ¾ cup called for in the epicurious version.

I used Lindt dark chococlate, with 70 percent cocoa.

The cake is melt-in-your-mouth rich, and a small piece is satisfying. I put the leftover cake in the freezer immediately, because I didn’t think it would be safe in the fridge.

However, I ended up taking it out the next night, after a friend had a craving. It took a while to thaw, probably because it is so dense.

Then, last night, my 16-year-old niece was at our house for a quick dinner – grilled cheese and salad – and I brought out the cake again. This time, I thawed it in the microwave on very low power. It only took about a minute.

It’s definitely a special-occasion recipe – whether you make it for a special occasion, or whether the occasion becomes special because you serve it.