Chocolate Sunday – Reading material!

I like to take books with me when I travel, and I was away twice in October – first in Sacramento, then in Charleston – so I’ve been doing more reading than usual lately.

Just for fun, and because my family gave me an e-reader for my birthday, I searched “chocolate” in the Kobo books website, and came up with almost 700 hits.

I downloaded two works of fiction and a memoir. The memoir – Chocolate Chocolate by Frances Park & Ginger Park – turned out to be my favourite.

It’s the story of two sisters with no business experience who opened a chocolate shop in Washington, D.C. and turned it into a success over the next 25 years – with help from their newly widowed Korean immigrant mother and a cast of sometimes unlikely characters.

Aside from the chocolate content, the book deals with following a dream, surmounting obstacles, becoming a writer, mourning a parent, finding love, and building a new life as an immigrant.

I found myself highlighting many lines, my new litmus test for whether a book is worth reading. Although I love reading on paper, I’ve never highlighted any books other than textbooks. It’s easy to do on an e-reader and it doesn’t “damage” the book in the same way.

The Park sisters’ website can be found here, and the website for their store here. The book left me not only craving a taste of chocolate, but thinking that anything is possible.