Am I doing okay acquiring LinkedIn connections?

Since I joined LinkedIn a little over a year ago, I’ve acquired 201 connections, most of whom I know personally and/or have had contact with professionally.

Occasionally I wonder if I should be more aggressive about seeking out connections. Or, perhaps, if I should be more strategic. My acquisition of LinkedIn contacts has relied largely but not exclusively on instinct and natural evolution (growing via people I’ve crossed paths with one way or another).

I do trust my instincts, but when I found an article the other day titled “What Do I Do with Random LinkedIn Connections?”, it naturally piqued my interest.

The article had to do with requests to connect that are sent by random people, whose names might be unfamiliar.

The first time it happened to me, I accidentally hit “Accept” on my iPhone. Because of its small size compared to my computer, it’s easier to press the wrong button. Groan!

“Oh no!” I thought.

As it turned out, the person who sent the request had enough mutual connections and mutual professional interests that my concerns were allayed. But LinkedIn’s help centre “strongly recommends” accepting invitations only from people you know.

The article about random connections advises members to request more information before accepting a random invitation. I’ll have to remember that next time.

Do you accept invitations from people you don’t know? What are your criteria?

2 thoughts on “Am I doing okay acquiring LinkedIn connections?

  1. Usually you can see who you have in common. If I see a pattern, I’m fine with accepting them. Some people have had several connections I had, but they were scattered. When that happens, I assume it’s a random person who is just adding people to add them. You just have to trust your instincts when it comes to whether or not this person is truly a professional connection relevant to you.

  2. If you participate in groups on LinkedIn, you get a lot of requests from people you have connected with in the groups. They may feel like they “know” me, but I don’t generally accept these requests – unless I notice that it’s somebody with an actual publishing-industry job or some other close connection that may help me at some point. To me, facebook is for “friendships” (not that I accept random connection requests from strangers there) but LinkedIn is strictly business. Hmm… off to check if we’re connected there already. 🙂

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