A new reason to walk (for creative people!)

I thought I knew all of the reasons that walking is good for you. I even wrote an article about it in 2004. It’s good for overall well-being, and beneficial for medical conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, arthritis, chronic fatigue, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

But now I see in this New York Times article that it’s also good for your creativity! I do find myself thinking about new ideas after I walk, although much of that is a natural outgrowth of conversation with my walking partners.

When I used to walk alone, it was also a good time for me to think. I like having that pocket of time, without distractions like screen and fridge.

Now I wonder if it’s having an effect on my writing. Hard to tell, because I’ve been walking regularly for several years. But I like to think so 🙂



One thought on “A new reason to walk (for creative people!)

  1. I NEED my early morning walk in order to kick start my creative juices. I do so much pondering while walk and use the time to develop my plots further. Then when I get home I quickly write them down 🙂

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