Why I blog

I was thinking last week, in the flurry of pre-Passover preparations, about why I still blog on days when other tasks demand my attention – freelance assignments, for example.

My blog has become important to me in the same way that my five-day-a-week walks have. Sure, I’ll forgo them on occasion, but the blogging and the walks have become a staple of my week. I enjoy both, and they energize me in different ways.

But more importantly, blogging provides structure to my week, and helps me be disciplined. I blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays about writing, journalism and life after being downsized; on Fridays about food; and Sundays about chocolate. It’s good for me personally, and it’s probably also good for the blog, because people who read it know what to expect, and when.

Blogging goes more quickly than my other writing, because I write whatever is in my head, usually without referring to notes or having to interview anyone or do a lot of preparation. In that way, I see it as a warm-up for freelance assignments or work on my book.

So I may end up posting later in the day, or even taking the occasional vacation from blogging, but for the most part, blogging is part of my routine.



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