Blogs I read (about writing)

When I started blogging last summer, my main focus was writing, but I posted on the subject of food one day a week. (The balance has since shifted to 50-50, now that I’ve added “Chocolate Sunday” to the mix.)

But when it came to blogs I looked at, I found myself reading a lot more about food than writing. For one thing, there are probably twice as many food blogs than writing blogs (even though there must be a gazillion writing blogs – a recent online search yielded a nonuple-digit number of hits).

For another thing, I have a lot of experience writing, but less experience writing about food. I knew that some food blogs are very popular, and I was curious about what makes them work.

Lately, however, I’ve found more and more writing-about-writing that interests and inspires me. I thought it was worth sharing a few links:

Here’s one with a forgettable url,… but a much catchier name, “Live to Write – Write to Live.” The “nhwn” refers to the New Hampshire Writer’s Network. The blog has some interesting posts, and links to other writing sites.

I like this one too,, with more good links, inspiration, and updates on the blogger’s novels-in-progress. is a favourite as well, even though I don’t write children’s books. But much of it applies to any type of writing, and I happen to know the blogger, a talented writer.

Lastly (for now), here’s one I thought I was following, but apparently was only accessing through Twitter: Lots of useful info.





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