Chocolate Sunday – Chocolate Hamantashen à la Alice Medrich!

Next Sunday is Purim, and I haven’t made any hamantashen yet. But if I don’t blog about them today, I think next Sunday will be too late.

Over the years, I’ve developed two recipes for hamantashen filling that have turned out to be favourites: chocolate and honey-nut.

This year, I wanted to do something different for the chocolate filling. In the past, I blended chocolate chips, sugar, cinnamon, and chocolate syrup in my food processor. Even though the result tasted great, I don’t want to use chocolate syrup any more, unless I make it myself. I’m trying to stick to non-processed foods as much as possible.

I searched “chocolate hamantashen” online for ideas, but stopped as soon as I found this recipe on Alice Medrich’s blog. Alice Medrich! Of Cocolat! I discovered her chocolate shop in San Francisco in the 1980s, and swooned over her oversized chocolate truffles. I don’t think I’ve tasted anything as decadent since.

I intend to try her hamantashen recipe in the next few days, and share the results on my blog. Mmmm…


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