Granadilla – an antidote to winter

I bought a granadilla this week for the second time this winter. I’d never tasted them before, but they looked intriguing. Also, with all the minus-double-digit temperatures we’ve been having in Toronto, a new, exotic fruit was particularly appealing.

They’re easy to cut and eat, and – bonus! – they’re not messy. They taste good too, and have an interesting texture – crunchy seeds enveloped in a gelatinous substance that tastes much better than it sounds.

granadillaThe first time I bought granadilla, I used it to top my Greek yogourt mixed with nuts, seeds, cinnamon and berries for breakfast. I might have added a bit of honey too.

But this time, I just cut the fruit in half, and ate the seeds and jelly straight from the shell.

There are some recipes for granadilla desserts online, but I don’t know if I’d actually make them. I like eating the fruit fresh, and it’s healthier without the added sugar the recipes call for.

Here’s some more information about the granadilla. Enjoy!



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