Pre-writing blog posts – good idea, or not?

I was on vacation last week, and thought seriously about posting when I was away, but my internet connection was slow and I decided to give myself a vacation from blogging too.

A friend suggested to me not long ago that it’s a good idea to have three blog posts in the can. I often make note of ideas as they occur to me, but somehow I feel it would be “cheating” to pre-write too far in advance.

Looking back on recent posts, I see that most of them tie into whatever has been going on in my life (or my head) at around the same time I wrote them. For me, that’s part of the appeal of blogging, and a better measure of progress in my post-downsizing journey.

Wondering what other bloggers do…


4 thoughts on “Pre-writing blog posts – good idea, or not?

  1. I suppose it depends on the goal of writing the blog. I think, like you said, it follows where you are in life in general. So for that purpose yes it makes sense not to post. On the other hand, what were you wondering about in terms of a vacation? I mean…were there thoughts related to the future and not just the present?

    Either way, welcome back 🙂

  2. We all do different things and for different reasons. I have scheduled posts, especially when I was running international projects on my website and hosting tons of articles submitted to me. But on the norm I post real-time, because like you said it is a good gauge of progression and what I was thinking at the time. Besides, I generally type the speed of my thoughts. I do agree though with your friend and I also have “posts” in hold. No more than 100 though. -OM

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