How long does it take to move forward after being downsized?

Seven months after being downsized, is it too late to say I’m still in transition?

I don’t think so, but sometimes I feel like I’ve been saying that for too long. At the same time, I still have a few items on my post-work to-do list.

A colleague told me last summer that being downsized is like going through a breakup. I’m sure someone told me once that, after a breakup, it takes a month for every year the relationship lasted to get over it. If that’s true, then 22 months of transition would be about right after 22 years at the same job. But I couldn’t find that formula online, and an article I found indicated there is no formula that applies to everyone.

I’ve also thought about how things played out for me the year after my father died, because I’ve been told that you need time to grieve for a job loss too. The Jewish mourning period for a parent is a year, and I’ve often thought that the year following my dad’s death was a time not just of healing and regrouping, but of life lessons. They’ve been helpful to me these past months.

I have a clearer sense of what I value, and I trust that my instincts and this blog – which I started partly as a way to figure out what’s next – will lead me in the right direction. However long it takes.

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