Chocolate Sunday – A Chocolate Tasting!

Sometimes I think I’ve been a bad influence on my husband, who used to be  content to snack on Shredded Wheat – dry, eaten straight from the box.

These days, I’m not above hiding special chocolate from him if I don’t want it to disappear.

vivaniThat’s what I did a little over a week ago, after a shopping trip to Ambrosia Natural Foods, where I found 100-gram (3.5-ounce) Vivani organic chocolate bars on sale for $2.22 each.

Too tempting to pass up, but which of the nine sale-priced items to buy? I thought about picking two or three that looked the most appealing, but then I remembered that we were planning to have brunch today with our friends Sheldon and Marlene, and – as it turns out – three of four of our grown-up kids (our two, and one of theirs). I wouldn’t be the only chocolate-lover at the table.

I had an idea: a “chocolate tasting” would be an excuse to buy more. I came home with eight chocolate bars – Organic Cappuccino, Organic Dark Cassis (!), Organic Dark (71 percent cacao), Organic Dark Mint, Organic Milk Hazelnut, Organic Dark Orange (!), Praliné, and Organic Milk. I think the ninth option was a white chocolate variety – not in the same category.

I’ll have to take notes, and report back later… This should be fun!

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