Chocolate Sunday – Chocolate Rice Pudding!

I always thought my husband was a traditionalist when it came to rice pudding. Rice, milk, raisins, cinnamon – sweet, creamy, not fancy. He loved rice pudding before he became lactose-intolerant, and used to order it regularly at his favourite restaurant.

I don’t crave rice pudding often, but when I do, I’d rather have the old-fashioned kind. It’s a great comfort food. Until recently, I’d never considered chocolate rice pudding.

rice pudding in cupBut in the interest of gathering material for this blog – and because I’d been meaning to use a bag of short-grain brown rice in my pantry – I set out to find a recipe for chocolate rice pudding that looked appealing. I planned to use almond milk, which is what we usually have on hand.

This recipe for Chocolate-Almond Brown Rice Pudding from Fresh Juice – a Canadian publication – calls for brown rice, almond milk, and toasted almonds. It sounded perfect.

I used a bit less chocolate than the recipe called for – a 100-gram (3.5-oz.) bar instead of the 4 oz. listed in the ingredients. Between that and the cocoa, it’s a very chocolatey rice pudding.

The mixture didn’t seem thick enough after 35 minutes of simmering, so I kept it on the stove another 10 minutes. The chocolate dissolved in an instant, and it thickened like magic. Maybe it was even too thick. But it tasted good – best warm, I think. Also, I probably wouldn’t cook it as long if I was making it again.

I think chocolate rice pudding is growing on me.


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