Punctuation evolves, and so do we

For a digital “immigrant” who learned to type on a typewriter before ever imagining using a computer, I think I’m doing reasonably well with technology and social media.

In addition to my blog, I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I’ve known for a long time that using all upper-case letters in emails or texts is a faux pas – the equivalent of shouting. I’m comfortable texting, and if my kids groan at any of my acronyms or emoticons, I don’t know about it.

But I had no idea that using a period at the end of a sentence could be considered aggressive. According to a recent article in the New Republic, ending a sentence with a period in a text message can have a negative connotation.

It’s funny, even before I read this article, there were times when I found myself not using punctuation at the end of a sentence – in text messages, not more formal writing. Sometimes, I pressed “send” before I meant to. Other times, for reasons I hadn’t yet figured out, it seemed right, as if I were just sharing a thought instead of making a declaration.

In a way, it goes against the grain to not use punctuation the way I’ve been using it for decades.

However, language evolves, and we do too.

2 thoughts on “Punctuation evolves, and so do we

  1. what about using upper case letters at the beginning of sentences……what about using multiple periods…….without punctuation it’s hard to tell if it’s a question or a statement tell me later have a nice day oy i’m confused

  2. I’ll stick with the full stops and commas I have always used. Writing without punctuation is very hard to read. Even texting I will do it my way, just as I find it easier to spell out words than it is to use txt abbrvtns.

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