No more dining room-slash-office part 2

Moving the last of my work stuff from the dining room to my “real” home office this past weekend was a huge milestone for me. But I realized once I was finished that I couldn’t actually work there – I didn’t have a desk chair, although the room already had bookshelves and a desk.

The first few times that I wanted to use my laptop, I took it downstairs to the dining room to work at the the now-pristine dining room table… but it didn’t feel right.

I  ended up bringing an extra kitchen chair upstairs. I don’t expect to be using it indefinitely, just until I carve out time to look for a proper chair.

It seems that my post-downsizing journey and my getting-the-house-organized journey have become intertwined. At the same time that I’ve been figuring out what’s next work-wise – and sorting through the notebooks, photos and mementos I brought home after being downsized – I’ve also been going through my house, selecting a few items to hang on the walls, purging others, and moving forward little-by-little.

At first I saw the “house” project as a distraction from writing, from dealing with the items I’d brought home from work, and from exploring my future work options. But now I think of it more as a mirror of my post-Canadian Jewish News journey, a time for me to recharge, and even – if things continue to go well – a positive omen.

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