No more dining room-slash-office

It’s almost two months since I wrote in a blog post that I’d finally emptied one of three bankers’ boxes I borrowed from a friend when I lost my job at The Canadian Jewish News in early summer.

That was a significant milestone in my post-downsizing journey as well as in my getting-the-house-organized journey.

For a number of reasons, the boxes and other paraphernalia from 22 years at the paper ended up in my dining room, which was serving as my office.

As of Sunday, I am officially out of the dining room. It’s been a slow move, but it’s now complete, five months after I was downsized. The dining room-slash-office is once again the dining room… not dining room-slash-anything.

Instead, an extra bedroom is now my new office. It’s a work in progress, but reclaiming the dining room has given me hope and confidence that I’ll continue to move forward with this project too, as well as with my writing life, post-downsizing.

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