Food or writing – which one is the “real” blog?

It’s funny – I started this blog after being downsized as a way to keep myself writing, bring structure to my day, and figure out – or evolve into – the next stage in my life.

For a change of pace, and because I like food, I decided that Friday would be “food day” on my blog. One day for food, two days for the “real” blog.

Then I added a fourth day – “Chocolate Sunday.”

The funny thing is, I’m getting a lot more feedback about my food writing than my other writing. More views, too.

Another funny thing – I thought my blog was fairly restrictive in terms of subject matter. Now I’m starting to think it’s not restrictive enough. Maybe I need to have two blogs, or a website.

Another thing when it comes to blogging about food – I like how my life propels my blog, and my blog propels my cooking. Yesterday, I spent most of the morning making a pot of vegetarian chili. I won’t be blogging about it this week, but it’s given me some ideas that I hope to blog about in the future.

One thought on “Food or writing – which one is the “real” blog?

  1. You never know where your next employment comes from, but everyone says it’s from connections. You’ve created your own next job and included all your friends as the connections….that’s the best job of all. I’m anxious for you to start your travel blog. A website will allow you to have sites for food, chocolate, travel, job-hunting tips. Then you’ll hire writers, sell advertising space…….

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