Pear Clafoutis

Last month, someone gave my husband a gift of backyard pears. When we’d eaten all but a few, I decided to look for a recipe to use the remaining fruit.

I found directions for pear clafoutis on Orangette, a blog I’ve mentioned before, by Seattle restaurateur and author Molly Wizenberg.

pear clafoutisHere’s what I like about clafoutis: it’s French, it has fruit, and it sounds exotic, even though it’s not a fancy dessert. It’s more like a dense, baked pudding.

I’d only attempted one once, more than twenty years ago, and I remember being disappointed in the result. But what I discovered this time is that it tastes much better after a couple of days. Maybe the flavours need to meld.

I used almond milk instead of whole milk, and I didn’t bother peeling the pear. I cored it with a melon baller, a neat trick I read about somewhere, a long time ago.

I also used an immersion blender in a mixing bowl, instead of a regular blender.

Like Wizenberg, I liked it as a dessert after breakfast – in my case, two days after I baked it, at a friend’s.


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