Too much stuff

Of all my colleagues who were downsized, I was likely the one who brought home the most stuff. I began to recycle old notebooks and sort through papers in my office cubicle in my final weeks of work. But on my last day, I still filled the trunk of my car with binders crammed with years’ worth of articles, stacks of notebooks, photos, and other odds and ends that represented 22 years at the paper. And it wasn’t the first load I’d brought home – although it was the largest.

Fast forward two months, and welcome to my dining room, aka my (temporary) office. It’s also still the dining room (as long as I clear the table and move my Canadian Jewish News stuff into the corner) – because meals with friends and family are more important than a perfectly tidy room.

But lately, I’ve been motivated to tackle the clutter more aggressively.

You have to love technology – I programmed a daily reminder into my iPhone so that I’d remember to go through at least one notebook, shredding any contact information I come across. A modest strategy, but it’s been working very well.

I usually tackle more than one notebook, and I’m convinced the pile of stuff is shrinking. If I chip away at it a bit at a time, the task becomes less daunting.

It’s good to get rid of things I don’t need. Somehow, it helps me feel that I am moving forward – toward whatever is next in my work life, and toward a more office-y office in an extra bedroom.

PS – No post tomorrow. Will blog again on Sunday.

One thought on “Too much stuff

  1. Losing my nerve/the “clutter” post – franceskraft

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