Technology… ready or not

Technology is playing an increasing role in my life these days, thanks to my new smartphone, my new blog, and my increased activity on LinkedIn.

I want to upgrade my computer skills, but for now I’m focusing on learning what’s most important to me in the short term.

On the first day of my first week not working, my three-year-old BlackBerry died. In retrospect, maybe it was an omen. Like it or not, I had to start familiarizing myself with new technology right away.

Although I loved my BB and liked the idea of supporting a Canadian company, I concluded that an iPhone would meet my needs better. There would have been a learning curve with either one, given recent innovations by BlackBerry (formerly Research in Motion).

The iPhone was a huge source of frustration until I got used to it. I was constantly misspelling words, in part because it was very easy to press a letter I didn’t intend to.

As well, autocorrect made for some humorous errors until I got used to the phone – and until it got used to me so that it could more accurately anticipate what I was trying to write. A workshop at the Apple Store helped. I also searched for answers online when I hit roadblocks, and I called AppleCare for support when my questions were more complicated.

My comfort level with the iPhone has increased immensely, and I rely on its calendar and notes and reminders features to keep me organized.

Learning the basics of WordPress so that I could start my blog was also a challenge at the beginning. I realized that I needed to take my time with the site’s online tutorials, so that I could absorb all the information I needed.

Yesterday, I went back to the lessons for newbie bloggers, because I still haven’t gone beyond the basics. I’d like to add a few “about me” lines, and I want to learn how to include a link that opens in a new window. I learned how to add a “widget,” to further customize my blog, but that’s as far as I got.

I do find new information is often more digestible in small chunks, so I will keep moving forward at whatever pace works.


2 thoughts on “Technology… ready or not

    • L’at, L’at as they say in Hebrew. Slowly but surely wonderful you got to add a “widget”……next time you’ll be able to add a “theme”.

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