Adult “recess”

I’m starting to feel like the proverbial kid whose favourite subject is recess, but for me, now, “recess” means heading out for lunch or coffee.

Starting this blog after I was downsized was a way to bring structure to my day and my week. Last week, when I started the blog, I posted entries on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and I’m trying to stick to that pattern.

Between the blog, LinkedIn, and related information-gathering, I’ve put in a lot of computer time the past few weeks. But I realized early on that I had to build in social time too.

I was fortunate, in my 22 years at The Canadian Jewish News, that my colleagues became a virtual second family. Our social interaction, which wasn’t technically part of our jobs, was an integral part of what made things tick.

I miss our daily conversations in the lunchroom, and the ongoing give-and-take that happens in an open office. We had each other as resource people, sounding boards, and friends.

My first week off work, I got together twice with friends who were visiting from out of town. I also spent one exceptionally long day on the computer, researching and writing. It was great to feel so productive so soon after losing my job – a rush, actually. But, at the same time, it was isolating.

I’m still trying to find the right balance. Yesterday I had breakfast with two of my colleagues, and today I’m meeting another former CJNer for lunch.

My adult “recess” times recharge me and provide balance in my life. I think “recess” – for adults and kids – is sometimes underrated.

One thought on “Adult “recess”

  1. I agree that time to interact with colleagues and friends is an important part of being alive. In the right context, it’s enriching. Very insightful article!

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