Freshly minted

I think my new favourite recipe this summer is canteloupe soup, a refreshing start to a meal on a hot, humid day.

ImageLast week, my neighbourhood grocery store was out of mint, which I had planned to use as a garnish for the soup. By coincidence, I stopped at a nearby flower store, and spotted a few small spearmint plants for sale. Now that I’ve bought one, I’m looking for more ways to use it.

Yesterday, I tossed a generous helping of mint leaves into my food processor along with chunks of ripe canteloupe, a dollop of honey, the juice of half a lime, and – my “secret” ingredient – a pinch of lime-infused sea salt. I didn’t measure the canteloupe, but I processed four batches, enough for eight cups of soup.

I’ve seen similar recipes online – a couple call for adding orange juice – but I think the one I made last night is the best so far.

That’s how we’re starting dinner tonight – after the sparkling grape juice and challah.

6 thoughts on “Freshly minted

  1. Love your blog! I’d love you to come over to my house for tea and a tour around my garden. I have a patch of mint growing in abundance … my gate is open for you to come over and help yourself to mint whenever you like. Hey, maybe we’ll make that tea MINT tea!!

  2. Sounds delicious and refreshing – although, I don’t need anything refreshing with the weather up here right now but when I’m back in Toronto, I would love to try it!

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